Owner | USHJA Certified Trainer

Porsha McLaren has been competing, coaching & winning in both hunters and jumpers for over 45 years.  Her background is in the American Forward Riding Seat system.

Porsha has garnered numerous awards during her career.  Her first major win at the Pomona, California, Grand Prix on Elete resulted in the July 1987 cover photo of the California Horse Trader.  She has achieved rankings and titles and produced champion horses and riders.

As a junior, she trained with industry giants such as Kathy Hobstetter, Ken Nordstrom and Bob McDonald.  Once she became a professional, she was talented enough to be coached by Tommy Lowe, Alain Valincourt and the legendary Ronnie Freeman.

For 25 years, Porsha operated McLaren-Rowe Farms in California.  She started many top riders including Taylor Harris, Courtney Hurley and her pony Hanky Pankey, and Just a Gentleman and Michelle Stamire.  She also worked at the prestigious Hurley Equestrian Center.   Since living in Texas, Porsha has worked at Brunson Equestrian Center in Tyler, Texas, and she was co-trainer at CatchRide Equestrian in Dallas.

Porsha brings her love of horses and riders, her understanding of the horse and rider partnership plus her tremendous ability to communicate and teach the skills she has spent a lifetime refining.

She is a USHJA certified trainer, and is one of four in the Dallas area.



Porsha’s philosophy on riding, training and competing is “classic” George Morris -- training both horse and rider. When the horse and rider partnership are experiencing difficulties, Porsha excels by stepping in with what she refers to as the “McLaren Method” – add more leg!  Forward momentum with the proper application of more leg will solve 98% of horse and rider problems.


“ I believe the only way to have continued success is to develop an individual program for both horse and rider. Every time you ride your horse you are training — you are either training the horse to preform correctly or you are training him the wrong way. I love coaching and teaching people the mechanics of riding. Something as simple as training your horse to track in a straight line can improve all your performances over fences. Identifying and solving problems is what makes a good coach and rider. I am always all about the solution!”

- Porsha McLaren